Strong Love

Yesterday, March 30, 2015, I was privileged to sit in the congregation of Christian Life Cathedral and Pastor Steve Dixon brought such an amazing word that broke up some things in me. I mean it was just an awesome experience taking communion with them and listening to the Word. Before I knew it I was crying and all jacked up before I partook. SIDENOTE: This shed new light on what it means to examine yourself before taking the Lord's Supper.
Now back to the post, in his sermon it was about the final week leading to Jesus' death on the cross. Looking at John 13:1-5 notice how at the Last Supper Jesus knew what was about to happen to him and he still served the disciples? Knowing Judas would betray him, all the disciples would flee from him, and Peter that would deny him, he still chose to get down on his knees and wash their feet. THAT'S GOOD NEWS! I don't care how dirty you are in life Christ will clean you up! Now there's symbolism in this. These were not people that did not know Christ, these were his followers who needed cleansing. Don't be discouraged if you find your daily "walk" needing to be cleansed. Just as it was impossible for the disciples to walk around the earth without their feet getting dirty, so it is with you that as you walk through this world you will at times become polluted. (1 John 1:8) However, I'm not saying this is justified reason for any of us to continue in sin. (Romans 6:1) Thank God that you have the opportunity and he has the ability to CLEANSE!!!
Now MOVING ON (LOL only a few will get that), don't forget that even the religious sect would crucify him and Thomas, a disciple, would doubt him, but he still chose to die, "Didn't he die"! John is clear on saying He "loved them until the end". That's deep, real deep. Christ commanded us to love God and people, as we love ourselves, no way around it. If we fulfill the commandment to love we will indeed become Christ-like, honor his death, and participate in the highest form of worship to him. As a parent don't you want to see your children love each other? Love is not a word for the weak it's honestly for the strong.
Love requires death (let that soak in like Bengay). What needs to die in you so that love can live?

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