EP. 6 The Good, The Bad, The Worse w/ Didi Hairston  

Remember being scared of the dark? Have you ever physically been trapped in a dark space that you struggled to escape? You have a story of overcoming the darkness, don't you? Today, our guest, better known as the "Diva with Depression," takes us on a journey as she sheds light on what it's like to live in the dark shadows of clinically diagnosed depression. For Didi Hairston, this darkness never experiences light. Listen to her story and find hope as you journey through life.

EP. 5 Breath & Story Work with Ian Gilligan  

It's no secret that the body's autonomic function of breathing is vital to living. What many people don't realize is that how we breathe is quite impactful as well. However, a major partner to living well is ensuring that we control the narrative that we listen to on the playlist of our soul; our mind. Join Stephen in this episode as he interviews Ian Gilligan and learns more about the impact of Breath and Story Work. Enjoy!